The reef is marked as “Photographer’s Reef” on SA Navy Charts. It is quite small and compact, with a rugged relief and interesting topographical features including several small caverns and swim-throughs, This is a great site as its name suggests for macro photography.

Photographer’s is made up of large rounded granite corestones rising almost vertically from the flat sand bottom. There are narrow and wide crevices, some from 5m below the surface down to the full 13m depth. There are also numerous swim-throughs and gullies to investigate. There is a detailed map available on Wikivoyage if you want to plan a specific route. I would recommend take it slow and do your safety stop on top of the reef.

Marine life is typical of the area. The reef is heavily encrusted with Common feather stars, Red bait, Red-chested and Mauve sea cucumbers, false corals and encrusting sponges. Areas with dense populations lamp shells can be found in some of the deep crevices. Kelp grows on the upper parts of the reef, but it does not reach the surface and is only visible from the surface when you are over the reef. There are a large variety of invertebrates but usually not many big fish.

Bring a dive light to look in to crevices and cracks.

Maximum depth: 13m,

Minimum Depth: 3m on the pinnacle

Visibility: 4-10m depending on prevailing weather conditions

This site is within a Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive the site.