Best known as a haul out point for the Cape Fur seal, it is very common to by buzzed by these inquisitive animals. Partridge point lies within the Table Mountain Marine Protected Area and has been a no fishing zone for a number of years. The result can be seen in the number and variety of fish species at this site.

This extensive reef is made up of large numbers of granite boulders and outcrops, some very large The reef is varied, some places it is low and made up of small boulders, rubble and low corestone outcrops, and in other places it is a wild chaotic jumble of huge boulders, perched on even bigger ridges and flatter outcrops, forming overhangs and swim-throughs in a few places. The reef is also noted for a number of air trap pockets that can be visited by divers.

For more specific information on the reef and the numerous routes and for area specific dive information, please refer to Peter Southwoods excellent dive description online on wikivoyage.

In the event you surface close to the rocks be aware that the boat may have difficulty in picking you up, and you may be required to swim away from the rocks and blinders of the area.

Maximum depth: 18m, Big Rock

Average Depth: 13m

Visibility: 4-10m depending on prevailing weather conditions

This site is within a Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive the site.