Caravan reef, named for being offshore from the Caravan park at Millars point, is a large granite reef about 750m north east of Millers point slipway. The reef is approximately half a square kilometre. Despite its close proximity to the slipway it is largely unexplored.

North Caravan Reef: Sand at about 22m on the east side. Top of the reef is at about 12m. There is a long ridge running roughly north-west/south-east which is high to the south-west side, with a steep wall and occasional transverse jointing, and low to the north, with steeper parts further south. This section is separated from Central Caravan Reef by a band of sand bottom at about 20m depth.

Central Caravan Reef: The largest contiguous section of reef. Roughly central to the other sections.

South Caravan Reef: Separated from Central Caravan Reef by a narrow belt of sand. Huge granite outcrops with scattered smaller boulders on a shelly sand bottom. Quite a lot of cracks, but mostly quite narrow and not very deep. A few small overhangs. The pinnacle is quite shallow, at about 4m, but most of the outcrops are much lower, and are seldom as shallow as 10m.

Due to high boat traffic in this area, it is recommended that that you dive with an SMB.

Central: 12 to 15m, Top of reef about 5m

North: 12m to 22m, Top of reef about 12m

East: 17m, Top of reef about 3.5m

South: 20m, Top of reef about 4m


Average Depth: 14m

Visibility: 4-10m depending on prevailing weather conditions

This site is within a Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive the site.