Boat rock is a large, conspicuous and easily recognised reef just offshore and south of Miller’s Point. It is marked on charts as “Bakoven Rock” but is commonly referred to by divers as boat rock. The main rock breaks the surface at all tides.

South west side: Coarse shelly sand bottom at about 14m with big granite boulders and reef. High relief, lot of small holes under rocks, mostly too small to swim through.

South east and east side: Large boulders on rocky outcrop with sand bottom. Overhangs and gullies. Further to the south there is a narrow sand tongue separating Boat Rock reef from the small “Festival Pinnacle”. The reef to the east may be continuous to Millers’ Point.


Maximum depth: 22m,

Average Depth: 10m

Visibility: 4-10m depending on prevailing weather conditions