The Sunday dive From Carel Past!

Part 1

So it was retro Sunday for Carel van Der Colff from Dive Inn and some of our OMSAC divers Pierre Luke Tanya, benefited from his generosity. One person’s stomach bug is another’s opportunity to dive.

I can only postulate that after a two year absence the Siren call of Pick N Pay, AKA sharks and seals, was too much for Carel. So down the shot we went starting at the Smitswinkle side of Partridge point. Green pea soup greeted us with plenty of whale snot in the water. Oh well I thought I am the DM so I am the only one who cannot get lost on this dive. Returning from warmer climes it was a pleasant 16 degrees.

We started off at a really conservative pace back towards the Millers point side purposely keeping to the 18m contour and not following the shallower gulley for more seal action. It was a nudi fiesta with Coral, Silver tip and gasflame nudibranchs being the most prolific combined with other really nice sightings like big Cape Dorid.

As we hit the first sand patch so the vista opened out from pea green to clean green, however the proportionate increase in visibility was accompanied by an inversely proportional decrease in the water temperature a nice welcome back, for me, from Cape Town Diving. Still there were compensations four juvenile seals joined us at this point and kept us company for a couple of minutes with their normal antics.

We swam on and I particularly enjoyed the huge rock formations teaming with both colour and life, so at odds with the bland reefs of Sodwana. As we hit the 50min mark, signals from cold divers became too much to ignore, with my shivering leading the way. I deployed the DSMB and managed to find a pinnacle at five meters, with some big redbait and sturdy kelp on which to spend the last safety stop minutes of our very pleasant dive.

Of note We also found decomposing remains of a dead seal

The Dive By The Numbers

No Divers OMSAC Divers: 6
Guests/Students: 1
Dive Time: 51min
Average Dive Time: 51min
Acumulated Bottom Time: 51min
Viability: Variable 1-2m 10m in the thermo cline
Temperature: 9°C
Max Depth: 18.6m

Sunday dive From Carel Past! (Part 2)

As we neared Millers point the visibility noticeably cleaned up which boded well for part 2 of our diving excursion a visit to the ever popular Pyramid to rock, to drop in on the Seven Gill Cow Sharks. After a changeover of cylinders we headed back out to a convenient piece of kelp off pyramid rock. With top to bottom visibility there was no need for a shot line so we simply rolled and after collecting ourselves descended into the kelp. Within minutes we were mobbed by at least four juvenile sharks in the 1.5m – 2m size range. They were super relaxed and cruised over around and behind us as they are want to do. After they disappeared we went for a fly though one of the kelp forests of the area. Always fun to dive through kelp forests. After a few minutes of cruising through the kelp forest we turned back towards pyramid rock and swam towards the cave at pyramid. As soon as we broke out onto the beautifully undulating seashell sand we were again mobbed by juvenile sharks with some great fly bys and fly over’s and some particularly close encounters. I as is want to happen as Anna was checking on her buddy a young male swam up to her so as she turned back its spotted flank was the only thing to fill her vision. It seemed like they would ever keep circling, but as we again got into the kelp they again melted away.

Aside from the sharks which were beautiful as always the highlight of my dive was three big variable nudibranchs, with the one pair matting. (I still want that pic Pierre.)

Of Note We observed one young male shark with big bite marks on it’s right flank and we also saw the shark with the hook in its mouth with a small piece of fishing trace attached.

The Dive By The Numbers

No Divers OMSAC Divers: 6
Guests/Students: 1
Dive Time: 62min
Average Dive Time: 56.5min
Acumulated Bottom Time: 113min
Viability: 10m
Temperature: 13°C
Max Depth: 12.3m