The last week i was able to log 7 dives in waters that changed from 17 degrees to 11 degrees in 3 days. 5 were training dives and 2 fun dives with 1 being the easter egg hunt with Pisces Divers. Was a shame that it was only me and Naomi from OMSAC. We were able to collect a couple of tokens and ended with some easter chocolates.



For the rest of my dives I had a range of weather conditions but the underwater conditions was not too bad. Once again rays were seen, some new things were shaggy sea hare, a porcupine type puffer, speckled flatworm, loads of slipper slugs and juvenile stripy puffer fish. I think all the wonderful things we have been seeing will be gone as the cold water will not let them stay or live long. Naomi assisted me on 2 of the dives.