As a youngster I lived land-locked but was lucky enough to holiday by the sea. I can still remember the mad excitement each time we got close enough to smell the ocean’s salt, and then of course there was the rivalry with my brother — who would catch the first glimpse of the waves?

You have to know it to love it, right?

Imagine if we raised a new generation of scientists to bring inquisitive minds to bear on our salty problems? Even in Cape Town, coastal city that we are, there are loads of kids who don’t get to the beach often or know much about what

lives beneath the waves.

Defenders of the Blue has a motto: “He who learns, teaches” 

It encapsulates their mindset of introducing learners to the diverse and fascinating marine life inhabiting our local shores. They run tactile rocky shore and tidal pool based programs to encourage a passion for the underwater world through the discovery of citizen science and the scientific method.

Get involved!

They rely on donations and the support of volunteers to facilitate their five week program at no cost to the schools chosen for participation. Get in touch and help them. You can donate easily via Snapscan, or contribute equipment, nutritious snacks, your time or expertise.

You can find them here: