There was no shortage of nominees for this award, but Tamyn Whitnall pipped all others at the post to win by a nose!

A club like ours thrives because of the regular (and largely invisible) leadership of committed volunteers behind the scenes. Serving on a Committee is often low on people’s list of priorities, but it’s a great way to meet people, be in the thick of things and spread the love of a sport that you love, too.

Tamyn did diligent social media service, as well as stepping into the social breach caused by COVID. She arranged our dive travel, photography and other presentations and also Quizzes via Zoom to keep us all connected to each other and the underwater world. Not to mention the stellar year-end party that she whipped up at the False Bay Yacht Club in December 🥳.

Enjoy being ‘just a diver‘ again this year, may your architecture practice flourish as you focus on professional work again for a while!

🙏🏼 Thank you, Tamyn 🌊💙