On Saturday I met Carel at Pisces for an early afternoon OMSAC shore dive. Erich arrived with a few of his buddies but they decided to do A frame so that left only Carel and I to do Clan Stuart. Again, a dive I have not done before. Finally, a chance to see close up, the bits an pieces of a structure that many years ago I thought was the conning tower of a submarine. Leaving our cars under the watchful eye of Naomi, Carel and I had a nice easy swim out.
Our first sight as we reached the bottom was a school of puffer fish. Everyone told me the dive has not much to see so that was a good start. We circled the wreckage and I got a good lesson in how to stick one’s head into strange nooks and crannies. Carel pointed out a few nudibranchs and other small, and to me unidentifiable, residents of wreckage. I am sure he will tell you what they were.
With a temp of 11deg and good vis we had a 50min dive before my old bones said time to go.
Thanks Carel for once again showing me the way to go.