On our Clan Stuart expedition on Saturday morning I split my left foot wide open on a piece of rusty metal in the surf! Ambulance & stitches!! Woohoo!

It’s really more of a good story than a big deal and I am fine 🙂 We were launching my kayak in the surf. In the action we didn’t realise how close we were to a piece of metal wreckage that we knew about. Right in line between the lower car park and the Clan Stuart wreck. Didn’t see it at all in the waves. Could have been worse if it caught my calf or ankle.

I was taken to hospital by ambulance because I’d never been in one and I was fully covered by DAN. With hindsight I should not have done this because I could easily have been driven there.

Thanks to all the people who helped! I got food, meds and tea and all my kit was taken care of. Ironically I was the one who was First Aid trained. Izak and Adrian even took me and my car home. All I had to do was sit back and act like a big baby!