Introducing the 2022 committee…

What led you to scuba diving? (How did it all start?)

Hitch hiking in Scotland. The lady who picked us up planted the seed.

What is your highest level of scuba qualification and how long have you been diving?

Instructor. 16 years.

What do you do with your free time when you’re not underwater?

Hiking and house chores.

What keeps you diving? (Macro/micro marine life, diving experience peace and quiet or social aspect?)

The life underwater (nudibranch are my favourite), we are so fortunate to experience this regularly and its on our doorstep.

What are you most excited about related to OMSAC and diving in the coming year?

New members in the club and committee and to growth of the diving fraternity in Cape Town.

Share a fond memory related to being a member of OMSAC (on a dive, at an event or club night, etc).

Past successful events like the treasure hunts where the club stood out as tops in Cape Town.

If you had to recommend a Cape dive site, which one would it be and why?

A-Frame, best for Macro life and a very big site to explore.

If you could dive anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Galapagos islands.

What, in your mind, makes a good dive buddy?

Don’t disappear on a dive and stay close, like minded.

Be honest 😉 What kind of dive buddy are you?

The leader. you stay with me ;-).

What is your best tip/trick for new divers?

Do dive debriefs after dives to learn about animals.