(with the Beach Co-op’s Dirty Dozen tracker app)

You can help scientists collect rigorous data that supports the call for change to the way we buy, use and discard plastics in South Africa.

Go here to download the app: https://www.thebeachcoop.org/dirty-dozen-cleanup-app/

It’s EASY to get going:

Download the Marine Debris Tracker App on IOS or Android.

  • Select “Tracking” and choose “The Beach Co-op”.
  • Log your Dirty Dozen items as you clean up the beach.
  • Add a description of the cleanup (pointers are given)
  • Press submit!

Founder of the Beach Co-op, Aaniyah Omardien (an atmospheric scientist and now PhD candidate in intersectional environmentalism) believes “real change comes when we can find more ways to bring more people along.”

And “more people” definitely includes me, you and other divers — regular beach goers who love the ocean and want to keep it healthy. 

Download the app and let’s do our small bit!