27 May 2012 – Dive Atlantis with Underwater Explorers

Atlantis was a very nice dive with Mark & Jordan, viz about 10 m and temp around 15C.
My second time on this reef and it is still very nice dive with reef from Max depth 25m to Safety stop at 5m for you too look at.
Lots of sealife which include Fish, Fans, Crays and nudibranch’s.

27 May 2012 – Boulders Restuarant

After Atlantis I went for another fun shore dive with some friends, we decided to go have a look at the
reefs infront of the Restaurant at Boulders. The water was a bit colder that Atlantis at 14C, the viz about
the same at arounf 10m. The entry was very shalow with the first 50m in 2m deep only we got some depth
out of the my to a max of about 6m. The sealife was not too bad with alot of fish of different species swimming around
all and all a very nice dive.

28 May 2012 – North Paw

Did a nice Monday dive ona friends boat at North Paw.
The viz was very nice about 12 – 15m and the temp not too bad at 13C.
The dive was very nice with the sound of the boulders still their knocking or something??
Lots of fish and crays and some nice swim throughs.


Evert Meyer