Did 2 lovely dives this weekend with Underwater Explorers on Sunday. I was a bit cross with myself that I did not go dive in my drysuit as the water temp was 13deg C.
The first dive was Atlantis, which all 3 times i have dived it i really enjoy it, due to all the sealife there and the multi level diving with things to see from 25m till 5m at your safety stop.
The viz was about 6 – 8 meters with a total dive time of 53min.

We did a second dive on the good old PMB, which i have not dived in a while, nor after the salvaging. The wreck is also very broken up, and has got some nice big swim thru’s.
Had a nice swim along the side which has lots of sealife to admire.
The viz was also around 6 – 8 meters with a total dive time of 45min due to a bit of deco.

Evert Meyer