I went out diving this weekend with Dashdivers on Sunday. The weather changed a bit during the day with the wind picking up and then calming down again later the afternoon.
Had a nice closeup view from the surface at the slipway of a big stingray patrolling.

We did our first dive on MV Rockeater at 34m max and the viz was quite good at around 7 – 10 m. Temperature around 18 deg C. It was lovely being at some deepish depth again in a while.
There was lots of Crayfish on the wreck even on the deck but just under size i believe. I did see some massive crayfish a bit deeper in the wreck.

We did a swim thru the passage way and found 2 biggish Pajama sharks the largest one 1.2 m or so.
Had such a lovely dive even when into some Deco, luckily i have been trained for it, and had a 15L cylinder with lots of air. 🙂

I also went on the 3rd dive for the day on the PMB. The viz was bit less at about 3 – 4 m. Temperature around the same at 18 deg C
Had a short dive with some new faces from East London, and lady friends that has not been so deep in a while.
It was the first time i have seen schools of fish over PMB, which i believe was also a nice sight for the ladies.
Had a nice figure 8 swim around wreck

All in all it was a nice day out at Millers Point.