Location: A-frame
Date: 30th June 2012
Max Depth: 8.3 m
Average depth: 5.2 m
Time: 52 min
Temp: 12 °C

On Saturday 30th June and despite the nasty conditions in town, Charles, Kevin, Naomi and myself headed out for a dive in False Bay. I must admit, at first I contacted Charles and Kevin to let them know that we should postpone the dive until a bit later, but shortly afterwards I found from Carel that Naomi was already on her way. I decided to call Charles and Kevin and rush them to Pisces Divers to meet Naomi by 9:30 am.

Once in the peninsula the weather remained crap, but slightly better than the weather in town, we decided to head towards A-frame and got changed under a little drizzle. Naomi agreed to lead the dive, mainly due to the fact that I have only dived there a few times. Naomi guided us perfectly underwater and we had time to go through the hole a couple of times. We were graced by the presence of the usual suspects, i.e. gas flame nudi, black nudi, several carpet worms and a nudibranch that I have never seen before but that I believe is the Mandela’s nudibranch, however feel free to correct me.