Paul and Naomi led the Sunday OMSAC shore dive at A frame. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my daughter and her fiancée, my son and my niece’s boyfriend so a real family dive for me.

The tide at A frame was high, so getting in looked easy as we just needed to fall into the waves. Unfortunately after falling in, the right technique would be to swim away from the rocks. This however I did not do. Having then had a fight with the rocks I was left with a bleeding hand. Paul checked it out to see if any casevac was required as he had all the procedures down pat after his last dive at the Clan Stuart. We decided that that would be a bit of overkill so all continued the dive.

Once in the water the visibility was reasonable and we had a good fun 46min dive. Temperature of the water was a comfortable 14deg.

Saw a few macro things; a nudibranch or two and a biggish pyjama shark.

With the tide still high the exit was a little tricky but we all made it safely to The Glen for  lunch.

Thanks to Paul and Naomi for leading the dive.


Graeme Lovesay