Yesterday Anand, Ander, Daryl, Mark, Jolene, Justin, Wendy and I met up at Pisces Divers for a morning dive. It was a brilliant morning for diving with just a bit of surface swell. We were surprised to see something like 15 or 20 other cars pull up with divers who had the same idea, so we kitted up, divided into smaller groups, and headed in. The water was an awesome 14 degrees with about 10m of visibility. It was an amazing dive, the water was clear, the fish were out and about and the surge underwater wasn’t bad at all. I was surprised to not see any nudibranchs on this dive, but with the drama of losing Jolene underwater (and later finding her), and Mark towing himself on another diver (who seemed to be completely unaware) this was still an absolutely brilliant 59 minute dive!!!

Maggs Hoosain