Location: Clan Stuart
Date: 15th June 2012
Max Depth: 7.7 m
Average depth: 5.2 m
Time: 46 min
Temp: 14 °C

On Friday afternoon Anand and myself met at Pisces Divers to decide where to dive, and with the hope that some other divers would come and join us. We decided that we wanted to try A-frame, however, the conditions were not suitable, so we decided to do Clan Stuart, as we did Windmill the night before. We kitted up on the side of the road and went in for a nice shore dive, and we were welcomed by some decent size waves, luckily enough the wave time period was regular enough not to make our entry too complicated.

Once on the water edge, Anand decided to practice some of his DM training and guided us through a nice dive, taking leadership of the dive and guiding us perfectly all around the wreckage. Water visibility was not great (3 – 4 m), with lots of particles suspended in the water column. The highlight of the dive was when three juvenile seals joined us for half of the dive, coming as close as possible, and when we stopped to stared at them they’ll come and sit next to us on the sand as well as doing acrobatics throughout the dive. Other than that the dive was uneventful, but relaxing and overall very enjoyable.

See you under the water!