My esteemed dive buddy and scuba instructor was too lazy to climb over the rocks and a bit of kelp to dive with the cow sharks so we had to dive Long Beach – again!  Charl, Retha and myself walked up the beach (sauna session to burn off the festive season over-indulgence) to the rocks for our entry point to avoid all the other swimmers, divers, etc.  Retha adjusted to her new scuba gear and Charl tried out his new action camera.  We spent a bit of time around the wreck (forget what it is called – Charl might know) and then headed East, or so I thought.  Viz was low and though Retha had a spiffy new super-fast pair of fins, I seemed to keep losing them behind me.  So we dawdle here and scratched a bit there – visiting the many octopi (?) in their interesting shelters.  We turned East, West, South, North – basically got ourselves lost if that is possible.

Then I had a thought – Octopi (?) seem to love mussels and ‘decorate’ their homes with their trophies – so where do the mussels live??  I went digging a bit (just half a hand under the sand and found them).  Charl for unknown reasons put one down on the sand (sharp side down) and low and behold, how DO they get themselves buried?  We have it on video if you’re interested.   The esteemed instructor surfaced at 1 point to re-orientate ourselves and off we went.

Ok, so a bit more East, West, North – by this time I was sure we were under the navy ships as my compass appeared to be confused – or was it me?  No more Octopi, just NOTHINGNESS.  Maybe a horseshoe mussel or 2, a pipefish and some furry sea slugs, 2 greenish crabs, a lost tropically juvenile fish…. (how does the Christmas song go?) 2 turtle doves, and a Paaartriiidge iiiiin aaaa peeeeaaaaar  TREEEEEEE-(up an octave)EEEEE!!  As you can see I’m not very good at identifying underwater species.  I just like the pretty colours and shapes!

90 mins later, we surfaced, very very far from the exit point and as my BC wouldn’t inflate (manually or otherwise) for unknown reasons – worked perfectly well underwater – I worked off some more festive season pudge and battled a choppy swim back to shore.

Was I worried at any point in time?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!! And here’s why:

A)     Our esteemed instructor and dive buddy is a brilliant underwater navigator.  How the heck he does it remains a mystery – he seems to always bring us back to the exact little rock positioned between the brown seaweed with the slight twirl and the 3 edged boulder on the left and those other 1486 rocks that look the freakin same to me – without surfacing to check might I add.

B)      It’s Long Beach.  You can’t get lost and if you want to try to get lost, it is the place to do it – cause you can’t get lost  It’s a bath!

That about wraps it.  Hope you enjoyed the report and we’ll be round tomorrow for our free fill!! Yippee (cheapskates – I know).